Charlotte Church was said to be "shaken but not hurt" after her car was shunted into her boyfriend Gavin Henson's car while driving home in Cardiff.

The pregnant TV presenter was hit from behind in her Mini and consequently knocked into the back of her rugby player boyfriend's Mercedes.

A police officer then drove Church's car back to her home, while Henson took Church in his car.

"The ambulance service was called but no-one was seriously hurt. But obviously Charlotte is pregnant and didn't feel happy to carry on driving in her condition," a police source said.

"She was advised to get a medical check but said she was feeling well enough in herself. It is very unsettling to be in a shunt like that."

Damage to both cars was reportedly not too serious and both were still driveable, as the cars weren't travelling fast when the incident occurred.

The singer turned TV chat show host is taking a break from filming the Charlotte Church Show for Channel 4 during her pregnancy.

Channel 4 is said to be extremely pleased with the success of the show and Church will return to filming when she is ready.

01/05/2007 16:18:01