LATEST: Welsh pop star Charlotte Church has vowed to get the best help for her mother after discovering she has been self-harming for years.

The CALL MY NAME hitmaker was shocked to find out that her mother MARIA CHURCH, 39, has been self-harming for the last 14 years, and has promised to get her the best help money can buy.

Charlotte says, "I'm closer to my mum than anyone else in the world but I had no idea that this has been going on since I was five.

"I'm glad this has come out now - although I wish the whole world didn't know.

"At least she can get treatment for her illness, that's what it is."

Her mother says, "Everyone has their own steam valve. Some drink, others take drugs. Self-harm is my release valve.

"But people don't understand it as it's so extreme. And it's a secret I've carried for a long, long time. The more I cut the better I feel."