Charlotte Church's first love STEVEN JOHNSON alleges the teen soprano regularly took cannabis and amyl nitrate during their 18-month romance.

The Welsh DJ writes about taking the CRAZY CHICK singer's virginity when she was 16 in his forthcoming book CHARLOTTE CHURCH - HELL'S ANGEL.

Johnson tells British newspaper News Of The World, "Drugs brought us together. The sex was crazy.

"(The night we met) Charlotte inhaled (a joint) deeply. It wasn't her first time. She took a few more pulls then sniffed from a small bottle of poppers (amyl nitrate), which gives you a sort of head rush.

"We'd smoke weed most nights and have fantastic sex. I'd spend about GBP40 a week on skunk (strong cannabis) and Charlotte would chip in the odd tenner (GBP10). Some nights she'd even go out with pals and buy it from a dealer in town."

The couple split in December 2003 amid allegations Johnson had cheated on the pop star.