Welsh pop star Charlotte Church has dismissed legendary singer Bob Dylan for being a "freak".

The 19-year-old is similarly unimpressed by critically adored musicians including THE Beatles, THE Rolling Stones, and Coldplay's Chris Martin, who she thinks sounds effeminate when he sings.

However, Church does rate the late Jimi Hendrix.

She says, "I can't stand Bob Dylan. He sounds like a freak.

"And that Chris Martin isn't any good either. I don't mind Coldplay and know that conversational singing style is very modern but it's a bit wimpy.

"You know that song JUMPIN' JUMPIN' by Destiny's Child? Beyonce (KNOWLES) is going nuts in it and she's so out of tune it does my head in.

"I never got The Beatles. People say they're great, but they don't do it for me.

"And I never listen to The Rolling Stones. I'm not fussed about old rock music apart from Hendrix."