Teen soprano Charlotte Church has rushed to the defence of her 'metrosexual' boyfriend Gavin Henson, declaring she loves his high-maintenance appearance after her "rougher" exes.

The singer, 19, and Welsh rugby hero Henson, 23, began dating in March (05), only weeks after Church ended her one-year relationship with KYLE JOHNSON.

Henson is often ridiculed by the British tabloids for his meticulously managed spiky haircut and orange fake tan.

But Church says, "I think we've been called that (the Welsh POSH and BECKS) because he likes to do his hair and wax his legs.

"I think he just shaves them though - it's so the rugby players' hands slip when they tackle him.

"I've always gone for a rougher type before - but at least I can steal his ST TROPEZ (tanning cream)."

09/05/2005 21:20