Teen soprano Charlotte Church bit a policeman's arm last night (26SEP04) for arresting her boyfriend's brother after a drink-fuelled fight in Cardiff, Wales.

The VOICE OF AN ANGEL star shouted 'F***ing get off him' when an officer dragged her lover KYLE JOHNSON's brother out of a vicious brawl, and was threatened with a night in the cells for biting the policeman when he ignored her pleas to leave them alone, reports Britain's The Sun newspaper.

A shocked witness says, "She was an inch away rom spending the night in the cells herself. Charlotte had been clubbing with pals when Kyle's brother got in a fight.

"Police tried to stop it and Charlotte saw red when they arrested him. She was steaming drunk. She was crying and hitting out at one of the policeman and bit his tunic. But all she got was a warning."

27/09/2004 02:59