Hellraisers Charlotte Church and Liam Gallagher are being courted by soft drink giant Pepsi, who reportedly want the two stars to give it a new rock 'n' roll image.

If a deal is finalised, the unlikely pair will head-up a lucrative advertising campaign, which will feature the Oasis frontman "teaching" Church how to trash hotel rooms and smash instruments while enjoying a selection of alcoholic drinks mixed with the cola beverage.

A PepsiCo source tells British newspaper the Daily Star, "We've always got safe, family friendly stars to endorse Pepsi in the past, like Britney Spears, Beyonce Knowles, Cindy Crawford and Blue.

"But Pepsi is becoming more and more popular as a cocktail mixer at parties, so we want a wilder, more controversial image to go with that, and Liam and Charlotte are ideal.

"They both love their booze and between them they cover the gender demographics we're trying to target.

"Charlotte is young, sexy and fun-loving, while Liam is an older, cool rock star."