Teen opera sensation Charlotte Church is hiring a leading fashion guru to give her a sexy new image.

The 17-year-old star has been trying to shed her reputation as a classical star by recording tracks with her boyfriend, hip-hop DJ STEPHEN JOHNSON - and she hopes a raunchy new look will help her relaunch herself as a sexy pop siren.

Church has reportedly been bombarding leading designer ROMERO BRYAN, who helped style chart stars Samantha Mumba, Alicia Keys and THE Sugababes, with requests for racy and revealing new outfits.

A friend of the singer says, "She is desperate to hook up with Romero - he's the hottest designer at the moment.

"She really wants to look like a sexy young woman. She's got a great curvy figure and thinks Romero's designs can make the most of that."

19/08/2003 02:19