Teenage opera sensation Charlotte Church has told song writers to start writing her material similar to Dido and SHAKESPEAR'S SISTER - because she wants to crack the pop market.

The singer, dubbed the "Voice of an Angel" when she shot to fame aged 12, wants to stop performing "uncool" opera in favour of pop.

A friend of Charlotte's says, "She loves pop music and she really wants to branch out.

"Charlotte will still do some classical concerts - and she has played a part in a film - but she thinks there's something very cool about being a rock star.

"She is looking for songs which will appeal to the mainstream pop market and has been talking to writers about coming up with Dido-style tracks.

"She said she wants a big strong ballad that is atmospheric and dramatic - a bit like THANK YOU."

Charlotte has already set things in motion - she had a UK number three hit in January (03) when she recorded vocals for dance track THE OPERA SONG under the name CMC.

The 17-year-old now prefers to listen to Eminem and 50 CENT - despite having made $23 million (GBP15 million) singing classics such as AVE MARIA and THE LORD'S PRAYER.

Meanwhile, her first foray into movies sees Charlotte play Olivia, a young girl who finds out her father used to be a famous rocker.

THE FAMILY BUSINESS is loosely based on the life of actress Liv Tyler,who was 12 when she discovered that her dad was reformed wildman, AEROSMITH singer Steve Tyler.