Charlotte Church hates her ears.

The pop star insists she would never shave off her long brunette locks because even though she has a nice shaped skull, her ears stick out and make her look like Britain's Prince Charles - who is famed for his own large ears.

She said: "Would I have a shaved head? Mine's not a bad shape, but my ears are pure Prince Charles!"

Despite not being interested in having a buzz cut like the one previously sported by Natalie Portman and Sinead O'Connor, the 24-year-old beauty says she already has two "baldy men".

Charlotte - who has daughter Ruby, two, and 19-month-old son Dexter with her ex-fiance Gavin Henson - admits her breasts grew so large when she was pregnant she felt like she had two bare heads attached to her body.

She quipped to LOVE magazine: "When I was having babies, I had the biggest boobs in the world, ever. I went up as far as an H cup. I loved them when they were massive. Two little baldy men down there? Brilliant!"