Charlotte Church was left red-faced when only one fan turned up to star in her new music video.

The 28-year-old put out an open call to her thousands of fans on Facebook and Twitter to join her in Cardiff, Wales, on the set of her 'Little Movements' video recently, however, she had to resort to asking nearby shoppers to assist her after only one person - a professional TV extra - showed up.

'Casualty' extra Julian Gillard, 42, was the sole person to answer Charlotte's call, travelling 40 miles to star in the music video in a bid to boost his career.

The 'Crazy Chick' singer had to rope in reluctant shoppers and stallholders to join her in the video in Cardiff's city centre, telling them to ''dance like no one's watching''.

Market stall holder Stuart Talbot told WalesOnline: ''I got to dance with Charlotte Church. There's not many men who can say that.''

Charlotte had previously put a call out to her 70,000 Twitter followers to star in her music video.

She wrote: ''Yo! People of Caaaaaaardiff! I'm filming a music video this Saturday for my new single 'Little Movements'. I want as many of you beauts in it as possible! (sic)''