Charlotte Church has lost her unborn baby.

The 31-year-old singer took to Twitter to announce herself and her partner Jonathan Powell had tragically lost their unborn child.

A statement posted to her Twitter account read: ''Charlotte and Jonny are very sad to announce that they lost their baby. Now is a time for grieving and being together as a family. We kindly ask everyone to respect that peace.''

It comes only weeks after Charlotte announced she was pregnant with her third child as she performed on stage at Birmingham Pride in late May. During the performance, Charlotte wore fishnet tights and a loose sparkly top that covered her baby bump.

Charlotte is already a mother to Ruby, nine, and Dexter, eight - who she has with her former partner Gavin Henson - had previously refused to rule out having a baby with her current partner.

She shared: ''I'm really happy with my dude. He's lush, he's so smart and he really looks after me. I don't know [if we'd have kids]. I'd never rule out anything. Never say never!''

And the 'Call My Name' hitmaker previously admitted she had wanted another child for some time.

She said: ''I love the whole process of pregnancy and birth. 10 minutes after I had Ruby, I thought, 'F***ing loved that, I'll do it again.' Lush. Two home births, gorgeous.''

Charlotte also prefers to homeschool her children as she believes the education system is ''harmful'' so has opted out of conventional schooling for her offspring, and teaches them herself, with the help of her boyfriend, teachers and specialist organisations instead.

She explained: ''I think the education system is f***ed, there's no creativity, it's harmful, you have to nourish these little humans.''