Charlotte Church homeschools her children.

The 31-year-old singer - who has kids Ruby, nine, and Dexter, eight, with former partner Gavin Henson, and is pregnant with boyfriend Jonathan Powell's first baby - believes the education system is ''harmful'' so has opted out of conventional schooling for her offspring, and teaches them herself, with the help of her boyfriend, teachers and specialist organisations instead.

She explained: ''I think the education system is f***ed, there's no creativity, it's harmful, you have to nourish these little humans.''

Charlotte is delighted to be pregnant again as she's wanted another child for some time.

She said: ''I love the whole process of pregnancy and birth. 10 minutes after I had Ruby, I thought, 'F***ing loved that, I'll do it again.' Lush. Two home births, gorgeous.''

The former childhood opera star had a legion of devoted fans in her teens, and even had someone regard her as ''holy'' when he claimed she had ''cured [him] of brain cancer'', a quote Charlotte wasn't afraid to use to her advantage when she got into trouble at home.

She laughed to Q magazine: ''It was like I was holy. I totally used it with my dad once. He caught me and a friend drinking hooch, we were only 14.

''He went mental and I said, p***ed, 'Look Dad, what everyone says is true, I am a divine being and I find it really difficult so sometimes I just need to be with my friends, cry my eyes out.' He said, 'Oooh sorry Charl, it must be so much pressure!'''