Welsh singer Charlotte Church hated her debut pop song Crazy Chick and fought against her record company bosses over their plans to release the track as a single.
The former child star moved away from her opera roots with 2005 album Tissues and Issues, and the lead track from the record reached number two in the U.K. singles chart.
However, Church admits she had no desire to record Crazy Chick and did everything she could to stop its release.
She tells Wales Online, "Back then being with a record company it was a totally different thing. I was really young and you just get guided and fall into things.
"I mean I remember the first time I heard Crazy Chick, I hated it. I said there's no way I'm recording that song. I said it's ridiculous, it's got stupid lyrics and it's a stupid song. And yet I had to do it and it was a hit for me but I didn't enjoy it."
Church is now working on new material and insists she's much happier with her musical offerings: "I absolutely feel a world away from that now."