British singer Charlotte Church has credited her musician boyfriend with inspiring her to relaunch her music career.

The Welsh star shot to fame as a child opera singer, before turning to pop music as a teenager, and she has now changed her image once again to return with a rocky new image.

Church split from her longtime record label in 2006 and subsequently released her 2010 album Back to Scratch independently, but the record was a flop and the singer admits it prompted her to give up music and focus on motherhood.

However, she reveals dating musician Jonny Powell persuaded her to give recording another try.

She tells Britain's The Observer newspaper, "After Back to Scratch, I was like, 'I'm not doing this any more.' I'd had enough. I was going to stay at home, be a full-time mummy, organise parties, learn to bake properly...

"He was always just writing. I got the bug back a little bit. Also, he's got this phenomenal, encyclopaedic memory of music. He's a proper, smart guy... (It's) like starting (my career) all over again".

Church is releasing five Eps of her music over several months without the backing of a major record label. She has two children from a previous relationship.