Charlotte Church and her parents have settled their dispute with News Group Newspapers, the company who published the now defunct News Of The World newspaper. It's part of the ongoing issue surrounding the publishers following the accusations that came to light last year of phone hacking by a number of their newspapers, with News Of The World shutting down in the wake of the ensuing scandal and the Leveson Inquiry being launched into the dealings of the British media - a study that's still ongoing.
Church reportedly had her phone hacked when she was just 16 years old, according to the BBC. At that time she was still in the public spotlight as a prodigious classical singer and the hype surrounding her was perhaps higher than it was even as she made a switch to pop in 2005. It was reported that some 33 articles that appeared in the News Of The World about her were as a result of phone hacking, with the then-fledgling star also under media surveillance and suffering the ignominy of having her medical records accessed.
However the case has now been settled for some £600,000 including £300,000 in legal costs and a public apology. Speaking outside of court, Church however doubted the sincerity of News Group, going on to state "Money could never mend the damage that was done."