Charlize Theron's longtime boyfriend Stuart Townsend has urged the OSCAR winner to slow down on film sets after she almost broke her back in a fall while filming in Berlin, Germany.

The Irish actor has revealed his gorgeous girlfriend has been urged to rest up for six weeks after she insisted on doing her own stunts for the movie Aeon Flux, in which she plays an acrobatic superheroine.

And he wants her to stop doing the work of her stunt doubles.

Speaking on AP RADIO in America yesterday (08SEP04), Townsend said, "The slipped disc went in almost to the spinal cord. She's fine, but she could have been in a lot of trouble."

Townsend confessed Theron isn't the type of actress to wimp out on set stunts: "She's not that kind of girl. She's like, 'Yeah, I'll do anything.'

"But I said to her, 'You know the stunt girl has got to start working now. Not you.'"

09/09/2004 09:10