Charlize Theron's ailing grandmother has issued an emotional plea to the actress to get in touch with her father's side of the family - because it is her biggest regret. Theron, a native of South Africa, cut all ties with her dad Charles' family in 1991, after he was shot by her mother in self defence when he returned home drunk one night and threatened to kill her and Charlize. Soon after the tragic incident, Charlize moved to the U.S. to launch a career as an actress. Her paternal grandma, Bettie, wishes she could just have one more chance to see the grandchild she never really got to know, and has written numerous letters to the star in the hope of getting a reply. She says, "Things were never the same after that dark night. I still mourn my son's death and I grieve for my famous granddaughter who refuses to know me." Theron's mother, Gerda, was never prosecuted over the shooting.