Charlize Theron was such a hit with boyfriend Stuart Townsend after piling on weight for her role in MONSTER, he didn't want her to slim down again.

The actress, 28, gained 14 kilograms (30 pounds) for her OSCAR-winning turn as a murderous prostitute - much to the delight of actor Townsend, who was upset when she lost the weight immediately after filming wrapped.

An insider says, "Stuart supported Charlize when she piled on the weight and loved it so much he pleaded with her not to lose it afterwards.

"As an actor Stuart knows all too well about having to look right for the part, but he absolutely loved having Charlize a couple of sizes bigger.

"Stuart adores Charlize the way she is now and hopes when they do both tie the knot, she won't do any of these drastic diet fads."

31/03/2004 13:47