OSCAR-nominated actress Charlize Theron has been attacked by her paternal grandmother, for criticising her late father.

The MONSTER star watched her mother shoot her alcoholic dad dead in 1991 and hasn't spoken to grandparent ELIZABETH THERON since she accused her of fuelling the tragedy.

The 74-year-old had claimed her granddaughter could have prevented the incident if she hadn't ignored her father at a party earlier the same night, although she now regrets her comments.

In recent interviews Charlize has insisted mum GERDA acted in self-defence when dad CHARLES came home drunk and started firing a gun at them both.

But Elizabeth is unhappy Charlize, now 28, has spoken publicly about her rocky relationship with her father.

She says, "I asked Charlize why she didn't greet her father. Then it would probably not have happened.

"Charlize looked at her mother and asked, 'Do I get the blame?' and then jumped up and ran outside and cried.

"There is no doubt my son was wrong that night but why does Charlize enjoy bringing him down and saying he was a bad father who never loved her?

"During the last year of his life, Charles was a bitterly unhappy person. All Gerda and Charlize cared about were diets, pretty clothes and gyms. He would often tell me how unhappy he was."

02/02/2004 13:31