Charlize Theron will be a two-turkey chef on Thanksgiving Day on Thursday (25Nov09) - after inviting a pack of friends over to her home in Los Angeles for a feast.
The South African-born actress became a U.S. citizen in 2007 and now she loves the holidays and makes the most of them every year.
But she admits she and boyfriend Stuart Townsend were shocked by the amount of people who opted to spend Thanksgiving Day with them instead of with their own families.
The Monster star explains, "I did this thing where my boyfriend and I kind of made this list of people that we love... and we thought, 'Y'know, it's Thanksgiving and people will go and be with their families... Half of these people won't say yes.' They're all coming to my house."
But Theron is prepared - she's cooking two turkeys with all the trimmings and she's using her guests as guinea-pigs for a few new recipes.
She adds, "I'm gonna make some jalapeno cornbread for the first time this year... and this lovely bartender gave us a shot of tequila and it was really yummy and he told me that he infuses it with watermelon and pineapple and berries; it takes the edge of it... so I'm doing that."