Charlize Theron is so concerned about overworking, she hasn't read one movie script since her Oscar win last year (04).

The blonde beauty, who picked up the coveted trophy for her efforts in acclaimed movie MONSTER, admits that the only new work she's taken on since her victorious moment has been a guest-starring role on the hit TV series Arrested Development.

She says, "I haven't read a script since right before the Oscars. I said yes to both (new films) Aeon Flux and North Country before the Oscars and I knew they'd keep me busy for the next two years.

"If you've just committed yourself to two projects, entertaining any other stuff is like dragging yourself over broken glass.

"It's my life. I'm not just a money-making machine. There have been some offers, but I just didn't feel ready to go (and) spend eight months on a film set.

"Not one day goes by where I go, 'Oh, f**k, what am I missing out on?' I love my life as much as my work. I don't want one to take over the other."