Stunning actress Charlize Theron will be transforming her body for a movie yet again - but this time she'll be getting buff.

The South Africa native, who gained weight for her OSCAR-winning turn in 2003's MONSTER, next stars in Aeon Flux, a science-fiction thriller about a futuristic assassin - and her many fans will be delighted to see her in a skintight suit.

Stunt co-ordinator CHARLIE CROUGHWELL has put the blonde screen beauty on a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet and daily workouts of four hours each.

Theron has also started exercising with Cirque Du Soleil performer TERRY BARTLETT to pick up some gymnastic moves. And the lessons have already paid off - after her first day she was doing back handsprings.

Theron's body is also starting to see the fast benefits of her strenuous workout regime, according to Croughwell, who explains, "We fit her for some flying harnesses two weeks ago, but we had to send them back because she has gotten smaller."

18/06/2004 03:13