OSCAR-winning actress Charlize Theron is finding her recovery time at home highly frustrating, because she's desperate to get back to making her movie.

Last month (AUG04), the MONSTER star had an accident on the set of AEON FLUX in Berlin, Germany, leaving her with a herniated disc between the sixth and seventh vertebrae which pressed into the fluid sac near her spinal cord.

While she recovers at her Malibu, California, home and undergoes three hours of physiotherapy daily, she's been ordered against travelling for several weeks, which shut her out of Sunday's (12SEP04) TORONTO FILM FESTIVAL premiere of her and boyfriend STUART TOWNSHEND's movie HEAD IN THE CLOUDS and will keep her from work.

She says, "All I want to do is to finish Aeon Flux."

Theron's also resorted to hearing from beau Townshend about how the promotion of Head In The Clouds, which also stars Penelope Cruz, is progressing.

She adds, "Stuart said everything is going great. I'm sad because this is the time when you celebrate a film, and I've never not done that."

14/09/2004 02:24