Charlize Theron is attempting to reach out to Halle Berry in a bid to assure her fellow Oscar winner she didn't make insulting comments about her, despite reports to the contrary.

Theron, who scooped her Best Actress Academy Award two years after Berry's 2002 win, was horrified when she read a quote attributed to her, in which she said, "Note to self. Do not become Halle Berry" - in reference to the movie choices the MONSTER'S BALL has made since her Oscar win.

Theron insists she would never say such a thing about a peer, but her attempts to contact Berry have fallen on deaf ears.

South African beauty Theron says, "That was a comment the writer made, and he said that I'd said it. That's not my style. I don't like that kind of cattiness. Women shouldn't go against women.

"I tried to make contact with her. I sent her flowers saying, `I really want you to know I never said that,' and she never called back.

"I think Halle Berry is an incredible actress. I have no problem with the choices she's made. And she seems to be fine. She doesn't seem to be hiding under the floorboards. At the end of the day, we have to take responsibility for the choices we make.

"If it doesn't work, at least I took the power in that situation. I'm sure Halle has done the same."