Celebrated DJ MARK RONSON upset Hollywood superstar Charlize Theron at a recent party - after he snubbed her requests to play reggae music. The producer was performing a set in Milan, Italy, and was twice approached by a member of the Monster star's entourage stating the star wished to listen to her favourite genre. But Ronson refused the requests, insisting the slow-beat musical style would ruin the party atmosphere he had struggled to create. The South African beauty was so enraged, she complained to the club's bosses. Ronson tells Britain's OK magazine, "I was DJ-ing in Milan and it had taken a while to get everyone on the dancefloor. I finally did and then this guy runs up to me and says, 'Charlize Theron wants you to play some disco reggae.' I didn't even know what that was meant to be so I ignored it. "Then 20 minutes later the same guy says, 'Charlize wants you to play some dancehall reggae.' I knew if I played that it would clear the dancefloor. Then Charlize came up to me herself and asked why I wasn't playing it. "It was all a bit weird, she nearly got the poor guy fired who was running the party!"