Readers of America's men's magazine ESQUIRE have created the 'perfect' woman and she has Charlize Theron's legs, Jessica Simpson's chest, JENNIFER LOPEZ's bottom and Catherine Zeta-Jones' face.

The publication's editors asked readers to vote for their favourites in a host of straight and bizarre categories as part of the glossy's annual The Women We Love issue.

Newlywed Britney Spears fared well in the vote, topping three categories - Sexiest Pop Star, Most Likely To Pose Nude To Revive Her Career and Woman You Would Pay The Most To See Naked.

And, as well as beating Halle Berry to Best Top, Jessica Simpson and her sister ASHLEE beat socialites PARIS and Nicky Hilton in the Sexiest Sisters vote.

In some of the more quirky categories, LEONARDO DiCAPRIO beat JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE as Most Womanish Man, Julia Roberts was voted Best Movie Prostitute, Ellen Degeneres topped the Funniest Woman and Favourite Lesbian categories and newlywed Jennifer Lopez was chosen as the Likeliest Future Divorcee.

Readers agreed with the editors' choice for Sexiest Woman Alive - ANGELINA JOLIE.

20/10/2004 09:10