New mother Charlize Theron has heaped praise on her own mum, Gerda, for helping her adapt to parenthood, because she would have struggled to balance film work with diaper duties without her support.
The Monster star adopted baby Jackson at the age of four months in March (12), just days before she had to embark on a world tour to promote her new movies Snow White and the Huntsman and sci-fi thriller Prometheus.
Theron insists she is lucky to have her 59-year-old mum by her side to lend a hand and she credits the tot with bringing mother and daughter even closer.
The actress tells America's People magazine, "She has taken to the role of grandmother like a fish to water. I have moments where I look at her and go, 'Were you this nice to me?' It heightens your relationship, which is really bizarre because I didn't think I could get any closer to my mum. I would not be able to do this without her.
"Right now, like any working mum, I've been just trying to figure out how to juggle everything. But I know what my priorities are. This is everything that I've dreamed of and about for a really long time."