Hollywood beauty Charlize Theron was presented with an ounce (28 grams) of gold as she met South African president Thabo Mbeki on Monday (08MAR04).

The Benoni-born actress returned to her homeland to share her OSCAR success with her countrypeople after winning the Best Actress gong for MONSTER last month (29FEB04).

Mbeki invited Theron to meet him in a government guesthouse in Pretoria.

The Premier enthused, "Very well done, Charlize. Excellent. The whole country is very proud."

Mbeki handed the 28-year-old a box containing an ounce of gold ingrained in the rock in which it was formed and the wording, "Presented to Charlize Theron, our South African star, by President Thabo Mbeki."

Theron gushes, "It's gorgeous. This has been lovely. It's been such a warm welcome."

09/03/2004 17:06