Glamorous movie star Charlize Theron insists she still feels like a farmer - and wants to own a pig, just like her pal George Clooney.

The Italian Job actress grew up in rural South Africa, and still feels like a country girl at heart despite her new lifestyle in Los Angeles.

She says, "I grew up on a farm surrounded by animals. I've always felt more comfortable in the country than the city and I try to take it with me wherever I go. Now I'm thinking of buying a pig as a pet."

INTOLERABLE CRUELTY star Clooney - who reportedly dated Theron - famously owns MAX, a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig.

Charlize continues, "Hollywood is my new home but I don't think I'll ever stop feeling like a South African farmer. You are what you are, no matter where you are."

25/11/2003 13:23