THE ITALIAN JOB star Charlize Theron is having a slight problem settling into her Hollywood Hills home - because it's invested with rats.

The South Africa native is surrounded by so many of the pests in her abode, her Great Dane Orson has taken to become a cat-like rat catcher.

She says, Orson is like a cat. He catches rats like nobody's business! He catches rats while he's on a leash. You've never seen anything like it!

"He'll just be walking, and he kind of looks like an alien a little bit. His ears will go up and he'll just dive his head into a bush and pull out a rat. It's insane. I scream, the rat screams, it's a mess!

"I have tons of rats. At night I'll take a bath and they'll be having a party and you hear the music. It's crazy! That's the price you pay when you live in nature, so it's fine.

"Orson takes care of it. He's insane."

22/12/2003 09:06