Charlize Theron felt it was a ''no-brainer'' to accept the contract to work with Dior.

The 41-year-old actress was named the brand ambassador for the designer label in 2004, which has seen her star in the brand's fragrance campaigns ever since, but the star has admitted she was never going to pass up on the opportunity to represent the fashion and beauty house.

Speaking about her partnership with the French luxury company, the golden-haired beauty - who is set to feature in the new J'adore in Joy perfume advert - said: ''When Dior approached me in 2004, it was a no-brainer.''

In the commercials Charlize depicts a strong and confident female who is not dependent on materialistic objects, as she is often caught shedding her glamorous attire and accessories in the footage, which is a depiction she is ''really proud''.

She added: ''I've been able to represent something I really love and create this girl I'm really proud of.

''In the first campaign we felt very strongly that we needed to strip her of all the abundance of wealth and gold, I think that image of me completely naked at the end saying 'J'adore' showed a woman that they didn't need anything. I responded to that because I think the women's movement is all about conquering this world and flourishing, with none of that [materialistic] stuff.''

And Charlize believes she possesses the same traits of the character she portrays in the commercials, as her mother, Gerda, raised her to be a ''survivor''.

She told Red magazine: ''She was adamant her daughter would be a survivor and never a victim. I was lucky to be raised by a single parent who wanted that for me. I wouldn't be where I am today without that kind of a backbone. I learnt that from a young age.''