Charlize Theron finds the #MeToo and Time's Up movements ''exciting''.

The 'Long Shot' actress has praised the two movements which aim to bring an end to sexual harassment and gender inequality for creating ''change that is going to be sustained'', and says she's thrilled ''as a woman'' to witness the changes taking place.

She said: ''I feel like everything that's happened in the last year or so has created change that is going to be sustained. Things are happening right now where doors can't be closed on what's been opened and shown. And that, to me as a woman, is exciting.''

And the 'Atomic Blonde' star - who has children Jackson, seven, and three-year-old August - can't wait to see her brood ''benefit'' from the way the world is changing, and says she's ''optimistic'' for the future.

Speaking to Notebook magazine, she added: ''I mean obviously it would have been great if that was the case 20 years ago, but I'll take it now and I'm happy I'm a part of it. More than anything, I look at my two kids and I'm so happy that they're going to benefit from this. And that drives me to make sure we don't screw this up and we actually do this in a way where it can be sustained and be something that's talked of in the past - caveman style. Done. So I'm very optimistic, and I'm usually not!''

Meanwhile, the 43-year-old actress previously praised the movements for helping to create a ''gender-neutral'' environment in the workplace.

She said: ''Since Time's Up, I've been in meetings and on set and there's not a moment that there isn't a conversation happening. We've recognised that it's going to get ugly and now it's about who has the tenacity to see it through. We're in pre-production on a film right now and we've worked really hard to make everyone very aware that the industry needs to change. We need to start hiring differently and we need to create opportunities for a gender-neutral set.''