Charlize Theron says Seth Rogen took her ''under his wing''.

The 43-year-old actress is starring with Seth in new comedy movie 'Long Shot' and has said the actor - who is known for his comedic acting - showed her the ropes when it came to working on something a little less serious than the dramas and thrillers she's used to.

She said: ''I love him. Incredibly generous, he really took me under his wing.''

And Seth, 36, says he had no doubt the 'Mad Max: Fury Road' star would be hilarious in the new project, because he's seen her show off her comedy in interviews before.

He added: ''She's good in interviews, so I had faith she could be funny.''

For Charlize, she's just happy her friends will finally be able to see another movie she's in, because they only go and watch the ones where ''nobody dies''.

Speaking in a joint interview for the New York Post's Page Six column, she said: ''It's magical. I'm super grateful. So happy to be in something for a change where nobody dies. My friends don't go and see my movies anymore. This is the first in a long time they'll go see.''

Meanwhile, although Charlize is starring in the romantic comedy alongside Seth, she revealed earlier this year that she began ''kissing herself'' when she was just seven years old.

She said: ''I was making out with myself at seven, I made out with dolls and with myself in the mirror.''

The 'Atomic Blonde' star - who recently denied romance rumours linking her to Brad Pitt - also joked that her childhood antics explain why she's currently single.

Charlize - who has two adopted children, Jackson and August - told 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show': ''It's why I'm single.''