Maybe being one of the most beautiful women in the world was proving too much for Charlize Theron, or maybe she was just getting ready for her new role in Mad Max: Fury Road, either way the actress was turning heads as she stepped out sporting her new shaved head look.
The Prometheus star was spotted sporting her buzz cut without a hat for the first time while making her way around the streets of Namibia, where she is shooting the reboot of the Mad Max franchise. Theron has chopped off her famous long blonde locks to play Furiosa, whose character sports a near cue-ball look throughout the film. Having been in production for almost three years and facing numerous delays up until this point, Charlize has since stated that she was relieved to finally get the chance to shave her hair off at last. The film also stars Tom Hardy, as the titular Max, as well as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Nicholas Hoult, Riley Keough and Zoe Kravitz
Theron now joins the ever increasing list of female A-listers who have gone short back, sides and top for a movie role, most recently Anne Hathaway, who recently buzzed off her hair for her role in the movie adaptation of Les Miserables.