Charlize Theron ''loves'' being a mother.

The 'Long Shot' star says her daughters - Jackson, seven, and August, three - make her life complete and she is at complete ''peace'' with who she is as a person.

She said: ''I love being a mum. By the time I had kids, I was really ready. I'm in bed at 7:45 every night now, and I love it because I've lived. If I die tomorrow, I'm at peace with who I am in my life.''

Charlize is now at a place where she can ''create a life for her own kids'' as she admits she didn't discover therapy until her 30s.

She told the July issue of Australia's Marie Claire magazine: ''I didn't discover therapy until my mid-30s. My reasons for going had a lot to do with South Africa and uncertainty and living with an alcoholic every day. What I discovered was my life was an all-encompassing thing. It showed me I can see the big picture and understand the reason to get to a place where I could create a life for my own kids.''

Charlize previously shared she is raising ''two beautiful proud black African girls'' after revealing her seven-year-old Jackson - who was introduced to the world as a boy - identifies as female.

She said: ''I have taught them a little Afrikaans, but it's a language filled with very conflicted history. I am raising two beautiful proud black African girls and I want them to find themselves and not necessarily push my ancestry on them, but I have taught them two very sweet Afrikaans songs about politeness.''