Charlize Theron has never been ''crazy brave with fashion''.

The 41-year-old actress has admitted she likes to wear ''classic'' ensembles and isn't very experimental with her outfit choices, although she has admired she's not ''fearful'' of how her blonde locks are styled.

She said: ''I don't think I'm crazy brave with fashion - I like classic things. With hair for some reason I'm not so fearful. I have no attachment to my hair - I'm excited about changing it and I always think that if I hate it, it's going to grow back.''

And the South Africa-born star has revealed she rarely does ''glamorous things'' with her beauty routine.

The 'Mad Max: Fury Road' star added: ''Most of the time it's the work I'm doing at that moment that is influencing it. I don't do a ton of glamorous things, so usually my hair is all roots grown out and natural. In terms of products I've definitely noticed the difference between sulfate and non-sulfate formulas, so that's my one thing I won't change - my hair products have to have no sulfates in.''

However, Charlize's late mother Gerda has always told her to not worry about her appearance.

The blonde beauty said: ''My mom always told me to just be happy. Be happy with your life and the way you want to live it. I think it was empowering for me to grow up with a mother who told me that, and still tells me that today.''

And Charlize - who has been the face of the designer brand Christian Dior for 12 years - believes she is a ''terrible model'', although she has fronted a number of beauty campaigns for the brand including the recent J'Adore fragrance campaign.

She told ''For me it was always important for Dior to know that I'm not a model. I'm a terrible model and they always kept saying to me: 'We're hiring you because you're a great actress and we want to celebrate that'. So they've allowed me to express that a bit through these campaigns. In a weird way it gives you a little bit of ownership.

''They [Dior] first called to offer me the job in 2004, and every two or three years I think I'm done but then they call again and I'm like 'Wow this is amazing!' But I think they value the idea of family, and really building something with someone. To think of this as a long-term evolution of a woman.''