Charlize Theron admits it can be tough ''to be in a relationship'' with her.

The 'Long Shot' actress explained how difficult she can be for a partner, and revealed she once threw out her boyfriend's shoes whenever he was ''out of town''.

Appearing on 'The Late Late Show' this week, she told host James Corden: ''I'm very OCD, I don't like the idea of having too much stuff - or stuff that I don't use - it really bothers me, yes.

''I think it's really hard to be in a relationship with me. I was in a relationship and whenever this person went out of town, I couldn't help myself, I needed to get kind of rid of - listen, I was being helpful, I think - because men's shoes are tricky.''

Charlize admitted the mystery man - who she didn't name - would always come home to realise his footwear had gone missing, but the 43-year-old star is adamant he was doing him a favour.

She added: ''He had very tricky shoes and when he was out of town, I would get rid of the tricky shoes and he would come home and within two hours say, 'Where are my straw shoes?'

''And I'm like, 'Did you just hear yourself? You're wearing straw shoes - no grown man should wear straw shoes' ... and he had like the clown patch shoes, the fabric patch.''

Meanwhile, Charlize recently revealed she is ''dating'' but ''not in love'' after having last been in a serious relationship when she dated Sean Penn from 2013 to 2015.

She said: ''I am dating, yes. No, I'm not in love. Why is that crazy?''

Her decision not to date came as she was dedicated to her career and being a mother to her two children Jackson, seven, and three-year-old August.

She added: ''I want to be clear ... is everybody listening? I was raising two small children [August and Jackson], and your life just becomes very all-consuming. They need you for everything. And I'm a single mom, I have one nanny. So, it's not like I have a ton of help, and I really wanted to be a mom, so I was enjoying it.''