Charlize Theron has signed up as the face of the Dior VIII watch collection.

The South African actress - who has previously served as the representative for the French brand's J'adore fragrance collection - did not hesitate when she was asked to work with them again because she saw how "good looking" the watch was.

She said: "To work with them again was a no-brainer and when I saw the product I was like, 'That is a good looking watch!' "

However, the Oscar-winning beauty has not always been such a fan of the accessory, and only recently began wearing a timepiece again because she "missed" it.

She said: "I didn't even wear a watch for like 10 years and only two years ago did I start wearing one again. I really missed it as a piece of jewellery."

Charlize, 35, also reveals she has never come to terms with seeing billboards with her face on when she has advertises for Dior.

She said: "How is that normal? It's always incredibly bizarre. It's like an out of body experience in many ways. I'm very proud of it, but it's very awkward to look at yourself like that."