Hollywood beauty Charlize Theron was perfect for the role of a murderess in new movie MONSTER because she "understood" the role, according to director Patty Jenkins.

The 28-year-old actress was one of a number of big-name stars - including Heather Graham and KATE WINSLET - who auditioned for the part of prostitute-turned-man-killer AILEEN WUORNOS.

But Jenkins fought to cast Theron because she could see she was someone "you would not want to f*** with".

Jenkins says, "I wanted her no matter what. But other people just scratched their heads, because they didn't understand why.

"A lot of the women I met with, who were also amazing, incredibly talented actors, have a sweeter, softer side. But Aileen became incredibly strong and disciplined and macho, so an inability to deal with confrontation would never have worked.

"I could see from a distance that Charlize was not someone you would want to f*** with.

"It's ironic that a lot of people are now saying Charlize will get an OSCAR, because unlike a lot of actors I talked to about playing this role, she was not the person pursuing me and saying, 'I can do this. I can dress up as a hooker and shoot men.'

"They were people I could tell didn't understand how serious this was going to be. But Charlize was very solemn. She understood."

06/01/2004 13:29