Charlize Theron and her Irish boyfriend Stuart Townsend have been thrown out of their favourite Los Angeles sushi bar - for being too greedy.

The pair were barred from the NASAWA diner for ordering too much food.

Theron says, "I have been going to this restaurant for three years. It's kind of like a date place for me and Stuart and we're good customers.

"We went and it's this place and the food is amazing and there's no menu and you basically eat what's fresh, which is great. He threw me out because I ordered too much food.

"The funny thing is we've been going so long that we've seen him do it to other people and it always kind of disturbed us, but it's always a funny story to tell to people. Now I can see everybody at the dinner table going, '..and Charlize Theron got totally kicked out.'

"I got kicked out in front of the entire restaurant. It has been a good year so far."

19/01/2004 09:27