Actress Charlize Theron broke down in tears during a TV interview in America last night (08JAN04) when she was asked about the night she watched her mother shoot her father.

The South African movie star insists her mother acted in self defence, but admits for years she lied about her dad's death.

And on PRIMETIME THURSDAY last night, Theron choked up when interviewer Diane Sawyer quizzed her about the night her mother took on her alcoholic father - when the actress was just 15.

She said, "Oh Diane... erm... you know the tough thing about things like this is that everybody now knows. It's out. For years I just said that he died in a car accident."

Theron went on to reveal that acting has helped her deal with the incident.

She added, "I think acting has healed me. I get to let it out. I get to say it and feel it in my work and I think that's why I don't go through my life walking with this thing, and suffering."

09/01/2004 09:29