Charlize Theron believes fate delivered her into the arms of lover STUART TOWNSEND - with her TRAPPED co-star reigniting her faith in marriage.

The blonde South African had vowed never to marry - but falling in love with the Irish QUEEN OF THE DAMNED star has changed all that.

Besotted Charlize admits, "I always thought that if I did fall in love it would be better to live together and that marriage would be far too big a commitment, particularly in our business where separations through work are a part of life. But Stuart has changed my mind because he's such a great romantic."

Charlize admits to being a believer in the power of divine intervention by adding, "It was fate - we were meant to meet. I can't say we fell in love in front of the cameras because we only had a few scenes together. But we were both free and single and something happened."

Now Theron even feels ready to abandon her wanderings to settle down with her beau, and swoons, "I seem to have lived out of a suitcase for most of my adult gypsy life, so I long for a feeling of permanence."

25/06/2003 21:05