Hollywood's top actresses are being approached to help a former employee of AARON SPELLING slap the legendary US TV producer with a sexual harassment charge.

Attorney DON SESSIONS, who is representing the unnamed woman making allegations against Spelling, has sent a letter to the agents and managers of stars who have worked with the 82-year-old mogul, asking for their help.

Sessions is using Charlize Theron's new movie North Country, in which the Oscar winner plays a sexually harassed miner, to explain how hurt and bitter his client is and create sympathy for her.

And he's hoping the letter, sent to actresses from Spelling's hit TV shows like DYNASTY and Charlie's Angels, will encourage more women who were allegedly harassed by Spelling to come forward.

Sessions writes, "Other females who have worked for him have made similar accusations. He has denied it. He has encouraged us to contact other witnesses... Please make a difference now privately without requiring another female victim, like Charlize Theron's character in North Country, to wage a needless traumatic public battle for justice."

Sessions reveals he is trying to broker a deal with Spelling to prevent the case going to court.

He says, "I am trying to reach some kind of settlement."