British pop star Charlie Simpson has ruled out reuniting with his former boyband Busted, insisting it "won't happen in a million years".
The singer, who has since performed for rock band Fightstar and is now a solo artist, was last year (10) said to be considering teaming up once again with Matt Willis and James Bourne after promoters reportedly offered the group $1.6 million (£1 million) to reform.
However, Simpson has dismissed the rumours once and for all.
He says, "I read that I was going to be part of a Busted reunion, but that won't happen in a million years. The other two might do something, but I'm not involved...
"Being in Busted was bittersweet. It gave me an amazing opportunity, and we achieved some great things. But, for me, it wasn't fulfilling. It wasn't difficult to leave, as I knew I was doing the right thing."
Simpson quit the British band in 2005 after two successful albums. The remaining members continued the group for a short period after his departure before disbanding altogether.