BUSTED singers Charlie Simpson and MATT JAY are so furious over scathing remarks made by British rock act Lostprophets, they're threatening to "punch all of them".

The pop trio have hit back at accusations their presence in the music market is undeserved, and have retaliated by ridiculing the rockers' "boyband" look.

Charlie rants, "F***ing Lostprophets! I could punch all of them.

"Especially the singer. I just think he's a f***ing a***hole. He slags us off the whole time, saying, 'They're not a band, why do they pretend to be one?'

"But it's like, 'Why do you go to TONI AND GUY to get your haircut?' Y'know, they look like a boyband with their smarm cuts and nice styled clothes"

25/03/2004 17:47