Charlie Simpson says he and his wife are ''pretty close'' to having a baby.

The 29-year-old musician and his spouse - who he refuses to name in interviews - married in June and they now want to start a family sooner rather than later.

He told BANG Showbiz: ''Me and my wife are getting pretty close to wanting a baby, we're probably a little bit away but it's definitely something I'm keen to do. I love kids and I'm looking forward to beginning that chapter of my life. I think I'll probably end up writing songs about them!''

When he does become a dad, Charlie will be looking to tour less and be at home a lot more.

The former Busted star - who recently released his second solo album 'Long Road Home' - doesn't want to miss seeing his kids growing up and intends to move into composing film scores so he can be present for his family.

Charlie - who is getting ready to perform at The Roundhouse in London on October 14 and plays the iTunes Festival in September - said: ''The hardest part of my job is being away from my wife. When we have a family then it will become even harder having to be away from the kids ... I think I'll lessen my touring when I have a baby. I have friends that are in bands and they have kids and they go away for months at a time and I just don't think I could do that. I don't think I could miss key points in my kids' life when they're growing up. I love touring and it means the world to me but I think I'd have to organise it in a way where I'm not missing out on my kids upbringing. ''Fundamentally, that's what I think attracts me later on in my career to do film score music because it means I can work from home, make music in my own house and not be on the road. That seems quite appealing to me.''