Charlie Simpson says that his ex-bandmates' decision to join McBusted has brought them all closer.

The 29-year-old former Busted frontman insists he ins't bitter about the resurgence in popularity which Matt Willis and James Bourne have experienced since joining forces with McFly to form the supergroup.

He told OK! magazine: ''It was something they wanted to do and it looks like they're having a great time.

''It's been a brilliant way to reconnect with them because we went for seven years without talking or being in each other's lives.

''It's so good speaking with them again. I speak to James regularly and I saw Matt the other day.''

Charlie also recently admitted that he was the driving force behind the band's split in January 2005 and said he needed to leave for the sake of his own mental state.

He explained: ''I was always in a difficult situation because they wanted to carry on and I wasn't in a place where I could.

''It would have been disastrous for our friendship and my mental state. I look back now and feel so privileged that I was part of it, I have all good memories now.''