British rocker Charlie Simpson was left devastated after rioters torched a music stock warehouse in London last week (08Aug11), because every copy of his debut album went up in smoke.
The Sony Dadc building in Enfield, north London was set on fire by thugs causing chaos across the British capital, which saw widespread violence and looting.
The three-storey warehouse served as the headquarters for Pias, the U.K.'s biggest distributor of independent music in the U.K., and thousands of albums were destroyed, including those by Adele and Arctic Monkeys.
The former Busted star was among the artists who were affected by the blaze, and his new record Young Pilgrim came close to being delayed over fears there wouldn't be enough stock to sell.
He tells Britain's Metro, "It was really gutting. I saw it on the TV but didn't realise it was the Pias warehouse and then I suddenly realised and my manager rang me in the morning and said, 'We have a real problem here'. For the first few hours on Tuesday, we thought we'd have to delay the release as we didn't think we'd have enough stock to go to retails.
"It's upsetting for all the people who worked so hard to sort it out and then suddenly the record label had so much more work to do and frantically run around.
"It's not like when you see rifts in other parts of the world like Greece and stuff - there's political motivation there. With these riots, there is no political motivation - it's literally just mindless criminality. That's quite shocking and there's absolutely no excuse for people's livelihoods to be ruined and we've seen people's homes being destroyed."