BUSTED star Charlie Simpson is planning to tour with his other band Fightstar next month (APR04) - after a series of secret rehearsals.

The teen heart-throb, 18, insists the grunge group - whose motto is "smokes like an amethyst" - won't affect his commitments with the YEAR 3000 hitmakers, it is merely a means for him to vent his frustration.

Simpson says, "I love Busted. Really. When people say I'm not happy in the band, that's bulls**t.

"I had a lot of frustration building up inside me when I couldn't let it out. But now I can."

An insider confirms, "It is not like Charlie is leaving Busted.

"It is a release from playing pop music, and the music Fightstar make is more in keeping with his CD collection.

"They are getting their act together and are starting to line up live concerts."

Fightstar even come with critical approval. PETER ROBINSON from British music magazine NME praises, "Fightstar are a lot harder-sounding than Busted.

"But one thing they do have in common is a knack for a killer chorus. The band are really tight musically."

24/03/2004 13:41